Week 2 6/14-6/19

Howdy all!

Week deux at SEAC started strong. I worked on 2 projects–PAAL and GUIS, while preparing for my project next week–LIRI.  These are the Palo Alto Battlefield, Gulf Islands (Ship Island–French Warehouse), and Little River Canyon. For the PAAL and GUIS projects I processed and cataloged artifacts. Once the field crew in I & E brought them in, I washed the artifacts that could be washed and mechanically cleaned the rest.

After cleaning came cataloging. This process required me to proof what was in the bags and on the tags, create new bags once they were OK’d, and re-box the artifacts. The artifacts coming out of PAAL were amazing–objects like grape shot, canister shot, buttons, percussion caps, and musket balls. The most exciting part was that it showed artillery from both the US and the Mexican sides!

The rest of the week saw the I & E department preparing for the project I am currently on (and why my post is so late)–the Little River Canyon near Ft. Payne, Alabama. We had to get our gear together, prepare paperwork, and complete all the other necessary logistics before setting out on our 7 hour drive to the site. We’ll mostly be doing shovel tests on an area that the park wants to turn into a walking path, a garden, and an eroding midden I believe.

This is also my first chance to do some “public archaeology” with some volunteers–a local Boy Scout troop will be assisting us with archaeology throughout the week. This is our chance to get a new and fresh generation interesting in our heritage resources, history, and archaeology.

Our field work is very hard. There’s nothing glamorous about digging shovel tests, but it is necessary to ensure that projects aren’t inadvertently destroying the unknown archaeological resources.

Join me next week where I wrap up our adventures here in LIRI/Little River and I fill you all in on my next field assignment.


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