Week 3-4 6/21-7/2

Hello all,

Well we wrapped up our work at Little River Canyon this week. Working with Mary, LIRI’s Environmental Biologist as well as numerous members of the LIRI maintenance we surveyed 14 food plots, a future trail location, and a fire cache.

While the weather in Ft. Payne, AL was as brutal as it gets for the southeast, this field project taught me quite a few things. First, it taught me more about the field of archaeology, specifically public archaeology and the ability to deal with new obstacles and situations. Second, it showed me what my limits in the field were. I’m not Superman, and I learned that in the thick brush of the Canyon Center. Lastly, I learned that the rewards of this profession far out-weigh the cons. I think any profession where after a long, exhausting day of work you can still feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment is an experience that everyone should have.

Again, digging shovel tests may not seem like the most exciting thing in the world (and trust me–I have some Boy Scouts who can vouch for that), I see that it is still an extremely important and necessary component of protecting our archaeological resources in America.

Until next week,


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