Audio Interview with Joe Evans

Mr. Jeff Guin, the PR guru here at the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT), a division of the National Park Service (NPS),  has graciously ME for my blog.

This week the “blog evangelist” graced us with a blogging workshop. Our last assignment was multimedia and this was was the result.

A big thanks to Jeff and Lorelle for all the help.


Translation and Multilingual WordPress Plugins

While perusing the intertrons and as a homework assignment for our mini WP/Blogging camp I found Lorelle VanFossen’s Translation and Multilingual WP Plugins post really great. As an up-and-coming Heritage Resources grad student and a lover of anthropology, archaeology and cultural geography I cant help but tie all of these elements together with this post.

Lorelle states “The world of the web has become a global village. We are now a click away from Russia, Australia, Germany, Israel, Kenya, and the Antarctic. ” I feel this is true for a multitude of reasons and as you can imagine from my love of the above three social science disciplines, I feel this as well.

The inter-connectivity of humans and culture is just fascinating. One of the biggest barriers to interactivity is language and as thus pidgins and lingua francas have developed. The web in all of its infinite power is circumventing that by automatically translating–making that connectivity possible for the first time in some cases and allowing the diffusion of culture across new and unique medium like never before.

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